photo credit: Victoria Tower - Brussels - Architect 51N4E

Window of Circular Opportunity

Building professionals and architects in particular, need a wider range of circular building materials, like window- and curtain wall products designed for circularity. Therefore, Reynaers Aluminium and VITO are cooperating to define design guides to evaluate circularity and come up with improved solutions for aluminium window, sliding door and curtain wall systems to answer to the needs of circular buildings.

During the project ‘Window of Circular Opportunity’, Reynaers Aluminium and VITO are exploring the possibilities to adapt aluminium window, sliding door and curtain wall systems to make them more circular. Moreover, there is also a need for objective design guides that illustrate the circularity of these construction products as well as how they have to be built into circular building.

Circular building is the future of the construction industry. By using the right materials in the right way, the potential for use, reuse and recycling is optimized, minimizing waste as well as the need for new materials. Circular window and curtain wall products are an important part of this.

Next to VITO and Reynaers Aluminium the project group also includes Vlaanderen Circulair, VUB and OVAM.

Workshop 'Tendering and evaluation of circular joinery'

During the first workshop that was held on 7 December 2020 we introduced the project and took a closer look at the current hurdles and possibilities when tendering and selecting circular construction solutions, in particular exterior joinery. Presentations & key takeaways

Carolin Spirinckx

Project Manager Smart Energy and Built Environment