During the project ‘Window of Circular Opportunity’, Reynaers Aluminium and VITO are exploring the possibilities to adapt aluminium window, sliding door and curtain wall systems to make them more circular. Moreover, there is also a need for objective design guides that illustrate the circularity of these construction products as well as how they have to be built into circular building.

Our objectives 

  • To identify all requirements related to windows, sliding doors and curtain walls from the perspective of circular building and from the perspective of all stakeholders in the building process.
  • To carry out a circularity scan on the existing window and curtain wall systems.
  • To create solutions that meet the different requirements by adapting current window and curtain wall systems and incorporate new concepts.
  • To validate these new solutions in real scale demonstrator buildings.
  • To create a design guide tailored to architects.

Valuable input from stakeholders

The project will span a period of two years, concluding in December 2021. In this timeframe several workshops will be organised with a stakeholder group, consisting of architects, developers, contractors, researchers, financial experts, … in order to identify the requirements and evaluate the solutions.