Stakeholder workshops

In order to create interaction and collaboration with the relevant stakeholders in the building sector, three workshops will be organised during the project. 

The second workshop will take place on May 27, see the program below!

The target group of these workshops are architects and engineering offices, but also construction companies, public and private builders, investors, project developers, demolition workers, urban miners, knowledge centres and policy actors.

The main objectives of these workshops are: 

  • Looking for opportunities and obstacles within the value chain to apply the principles of circularity on aluminium façades, windows and doors.
  • Co-creating solutions to seize the opportunities and overcome the obstacles.
  • Dissemination of project results (including technical solutions) to all interested parties.

The 3 workshops cover following topics: 

■    December 7, 2020: Tendering and evaluation of circular windows, doors and curtain walls

Presentations & key takeaways

■    May 27, 2021: Change-oriented design of buildings and joinery


■    Q3 2021: Recycling and urban mining of aluminium windows, doors and curtain walls

More information about each workshop will be available 1 month in advance. 


During this second workshop, we will focus on the life cycle of aluminium joinery systems. More specifically on how they can maintain their value as long as possible and how the way they are used can contribute to the flexible usage of the building during its lifespan.

Examples from the built environment:

  • ‘t Centrum, Kamp C - Joeri Beneens (contractor Beneens) & Sarah Theeuws (West Architectuur)
    Presentation of the general concept of the building and how it is translated into the different components of the building, including joinery, in order to meet the requirements of the circular tender.
  • Experience with and vision on change-oriented construction works using generic or flexible façades - Jan Opdekamp, Olivier Cavens, Marta Petrov (51N4E) & Tomas Ooms (Studio Tuin en Wereld)
    Examples of how the design and the configuration of the façade facilitates multiple usage scenarios for the building


  • Case study refurbishment and remanufacturing of an aluminium curtain wall (Reynaers, Alba Concepts & VITO)
    LCA/LCC and residual value calculations have been carried out to validate the costs and feasibility to keep the façade in use for 60 years, according to different scenarios.
  • Impact of the joinery on the total environmental impact of the building (Reynaers & Boydens)
    Findings of the LCA’s in TOTEM and One Click LCA 
  • Circular wall-window connection - (Reynaers & Bureau Bouwtechniek)
    A concept for the connection between wall and window to improve its performance and reliability, and at the same time to facilitate non-destructive dismounting of the window in case of replacement or re-use. 
    Introduction about the most relevant façade constructions by Raf De Preter (Bureau Bouwtechniek)

The workshop will take place online, Thursday, May 27th between 13h00 and 16h30. Register here before 16/05/2021

Workshop “Tendering and evaluation of circular joinery” - 7/12/2021

During this first workshop we will explain the “Windows of Circular Opportunity” project and we will look at the current hurdles and possibilities when tendering and selecting circular construction solutions, in particular exterior joinery. 
These workshops are introduced by short lectures by experts from academia, policy and consultancy practice. During the interactive part of the workshop, we want to engage with you and other stakeholders to arrive at supported recommendations to improve or even revise the tendering and evaluation process.

Presentations & key takeaways

Agenda of the workshop 7 December 2020

Plenary morning session: 10h00 – 12h00
■    Welcome
■    Introduction to “Windows of Circular Opportunity” project
■    “Circular Facades” - presentation by Charlotte Cambier (VUB)
■    “Circular Tendering” - presentation by Wouter Roemaat (Alba Concepts)
■    “Application of GRO” - presentation by Almut Fuhr (Agency Facility Services)

Interactive afternoon session 13h00 – 16h00
■    Introduction to breakout sessions
■    Topic 1: circular tender
■    Topic 2: circular evaluation tools
■    Synthesis and follow-up actions