Tendering and evaluation of circular joinery


Our first workshop took place on the 7th of December, you can download the presentations below (in Dutch):
•    General presentation (Vito-Reynaers)
•    Circular Facades – Charlotte Cambier (VUB)
•    GRO - Almut Fuhr (Facilitair Bedrijf)
•    Circular tendering – Wouter Roemaat (Alba Concepts)

Key takeaways

Circular Tendering

  • Pushes and pulls are required:
    • Governments can create regulations and can lead the way with circular tendering
    • Architects and engineering/consulting offices can stimulate clients and investors to apply circularity.
  • Facades are inseparable from the context of the building. They make a considerable contribution to the total environmental impact of the building, but they also contribute to the performance of buildings (thermal, acoustic, airtightness,…) and to the comfort and well-being of the users.
  • Energy performance regulations have boosted the thermal performance of building skins and product innovation during the past decades. Material and circularity regulations could do the same for reducing the environmental impact of the façade and the buildings they are used in.

Evaluation of circularity

  • There is no single magic tool. A holistic approach should always be combined with more specific evaluation tools. Architects, engineers and consultants should work closely together. 
  • It is interesting to use design guidelines in an early stage, but also to quickly integrate methods and tools like GRO, LCA, LCC for objective evaluation. 
  • Trustworthy data are indispensable.