What is a circular building product?

Circular building products are the building blocks of a circular building. They are designed with circularity in mind. They use high-quality materials with long lifespans. This however isn’t the only criteria. The materials must be chosen with safe use in mind, not only for the first life cycle, but for each consecutive life cycle. Recyclability and environmental impact also play a crucial role in the selection of the right materials. But it doesn’t stop there. A circular building product isn’t simply a summation of good materials. The design of these products must also be carefully considered. Circular design requires the ability to reuse or disassemble products. Disassembly is only possible when materials are connected to each other in a reversible manner. The disassembly must be clean so that no residues remain which can contaminate and degrade the material when recycled.

Circular building products have to potential to radically innovate the construction process. They require specific building connections and construction methods, transforming the traditional linear construction process into a circular one.